High End Cinch modulation cable

This silver interconnection cable is the ideal partner for connecting your source to the amplifier. Multiple screening of the cores ensures optimum transmission and the one-sided screen connection to the electrical ground represents a true noise shielding. Only pure materials, oxygen-free copper and the best insulation materials are used.

Technical Specifications

  • Cable resistance: 66 Ohm/km
  • Shield resistance: 50 Ohm/km
  • Characteristic Impedance: 74,4 Ohm
  • Inductance: 0,34uH/m
  • Capacity: 135 pF/m
  • Feature: Plug silver plated
  • Shield: on one site connected
  • Size: 8 mm
  • Isolation material: Fluorpolymer, PVC, nylon, foil
  • Length: 2 x 0,6 m; 2 x 1,0 m; 2 x 1,5 m; 2 x 3,0 m; 2 x 6,0 m; 2 x 10,0 m

Additional Information

Vincent Catalogue7 MB


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